Timetool for Windows

Simple Time Tracking

As with its older cousin, the DOS Timetool, the best way to learn about this software is to download it and try it out. Every command is clearly shown on the toolbar, and there's a bit of documentation with it. There are a few nice features about the program that distinguish it from any other program of this type I've ever seen:

Even though this is a Windows program that contains quite a bit of graphical elements, Timetool for Windows is small enough to fit on a floppy disk along with the data file and still leave enough room for a boatload of exported .CSV files.

Other Projects

As far as I know, TimeTool is the only Open Source program of its kind that works when it's not running. I've been careful to make it easily portable to Linux and keep the user interface simple and innovative. If you'd like to compare it with other projects, have a look at these:

GnoTime (formerly known as GTT) - The Gnome Time Tracker

TimeTracker - an X-windows timekeeper

Titrax - Time Tracker for the Palm Pilot

AllNetic Working Time Tracker. Time Tracker

Time Tool (formerly known as Time Tracker)

Karm - Personal Time Tracker

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