Timetool for Windows

Simple Time Tracking


First, basic functionality. Once you've added your tasks (read below) you simply click on a task to start the clock on it. When you start working on something else, you click on the other task to start accruing to IT. TimeTool will only accrue time to one task at a time... though computers are multitasking, you are not. (Be honest, you're NOT. That's the point of using this tool.) If you're not working on anything at all you can stop the clock entirely. Or, you can do what I do and add a task to track idle time (lunch, breaks, external intrusions). Try actually tracking that for a while... it'll raise your consciousness and help you be more conscientious about using your time effectively. You may be amazed at the amount of unproductive time you really have!

Toolbar functions are: So much for what's on the toolbar, there are a few features that can only be gotten to from the menus. Th-th-th-that's all, folks.
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