Dave Leigh

David F. Leigh

e-mail: dave.leigh@cratchit.org

Professional Biography

Much of this is similar or identical to what's in my resumé; however, this listing is more complete and more informal. The fact is, I'm proud of everything I've done, and like to have a record of it for my own benefit.


204 Camelot Dr. Union, SC 29379
Owner, April 1998-Present

Cratchit.org is a part-time consultancy, providing services including but not limited to project management, product assessment and procurement, small business network design and installation, and programming services in Visual FoxPro and Lotus Notes. In these capacities I've assisted a wide range of clients including legal offices, a school, security company, and industrial manufacturers, as well as other computer service providers.

Computer Task Group (CTG),
300 Executive Center Dr., Suite 114 B117, Greenville, SC 29615-4519
May 2003-Present

I'm currently working with CTG as a Project Manager for one of their clients, a prominent multinational insurance company. I am managing a number of projects, notably an effort to bring their adjudication systems into compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA).

ViTEX, Inc.,
630 Williamson Rd, Mooresville NC 28117
April 2002-October 2002

I am responsible for designing and creating Vitex's custom CRM package, which is tailored specifically to their unique needs as an IT Banking consultancy. This package is written entirely in Lotus Notes R5 from the ground up, as no commercial package is capable of providing the specific features to meet Vitex's unusual needs. In addition to standard CRM capabilities it includes certain specialized project management and data mining features.

SMCI, Inc.,
One Nationsbank Plaza, Suite 3710, Charlotte NC 28280
Contract Project Manager, April 1996-April 2002

All experience with SMCI was while on contract to United Guaranty (a major mortgage insurer).

At UG I was involved conception, design, and managing development of back-end systems to support the eBusiness initiative intended to convert UG's systems from legacy AS/400 applications to web-enabled Java components. In this capacity I updated the design of a centralized Business Rules Engine and designed a Common Decision Engine, a Field Validation Engine, and a robust PDF Document Delivery subsystem. I saw the first three of these through to implementation and handed PDF Document Delivery off to another team, while still acting as a consultant to the project.

I introduced highly effective load-testing procedures to UG as well as an isolated load-testing environment and championed formal QA. I also worked with four Systems Development Managers to coordinate load testing of mission-critical underwriting and product delivery systems among their teams.

As the Lead Analyst and Lead Developer for UG's extremely successful Sales Force Automation project, I worked with the Sales staff to analyze UG's SFA needs and adapted the commercial Lotus Notes-based OverQuota SFA package to fit our business practices. I then worked directly with the Sales and Marketing departments to integrate OverQuota with Boomerang expense reporting and Xpedite mass fax services, to their great satisfaction.

As Systems Analyst for the Year 2000 remediation project, I determined that no commercially available tool addressed the cross-platform issues specific to United Guaranty. With only a 2-week beta development cycle I designed and implemented a unique System Repository that analyzed a jumble of legacy AS/400 RPG code modules and organized them into coherent work units that enabled remediation to occur with zero downtime. I also directly managed the assessment and remediation of end-user developed applications, commercial-off-the-shelf packages, and non-IT infrastructure; and acted as DBA for the Y2K System Repository. I also designed and programmed an issue tracking system which utilized workflow to provide real-time status and control for the Y2K Command Center during this critical time.

I created a number of smaller Lotus Notes systems in addition to those listed above, including a number of Notes interfaces to the Y2K Repository to make it more accessible to non-technicians; Project Status and Issue Tracking databases based on the Y2K model; a Lender Prequalification system; a utility to import contact information from the Act! contact management system; and a mail-in database that provided an email gateway to our EDI systems. After the post-implementation transition of the SFA project to Application Support I continued to provide an additional year of third level support the system maintainers. In my last year at UG I also acted as a consultant on those projects that required interfaces to Lotus Notes.

I also created a number of unique test tools in Visual FoxPro that enable testers to compare flat files and XML files. These tools cut testing times for back-end systems by weeks. These file comparators greatly improve upon standard tools such as WDIFF by allowing field-by-field comparisons of data and allows the masking of date/time and other fields that do not affect the test outcomes.

Prior to this I acted as both Technical Lead and Project Manager for UG's large project to modify their Lender Evaluation application and brought the project in on time and with an unprecedented 21% under budget bottom line.

Boca Raton, Florida
Lead Programmer, 1996-1997

Purity Wholesale Grocers required a rapid conversion of their unique distributed marketing/ordering system to a 32-bit Windows platform. In only 3 months I and one other programmer designed and delivered the conversion from MS-DOS to Visual Foxpro 5.0, complete with faxing and e-mail capability and web browser links, and communications links to their central AS/400.  I'm not at liberty to publish the details here, but I'd be happy to talk about them.

Discovery Zone, Inc.,
110 E. Broward Ave., Ft. Lauderdale,FL 33301
POS Project Leader, 1995-1996

As POS Project Leader, I was the technical lead responsible for the development of Point-of-Sale systems for all of DZ's 230+ domestic and international stores. My responsibilities included supervising 5 programmers and coordinating their efforts, writing program specifications, project management, administration of revision control, code review, system integration, coding, debugging, and 3rd level technical support. In the space of one year, I lead an excellent team in the implementation of numerous complex enhancements to store systems: improved loss prevention controls, a complete inventory control system, game reconciliation, detailed transaction reporting, program management, and store-level systems for integration with a national customer database. In addition, I vastly improved the stability and robustness of store systems by standardizing module development and devising a technology by which handshaking is done between modules to guarantee code compatibility while cutting deployment costs by thousands of dollars.

When I moved to Florida I discontinued the Cracker Barrel BBS. By then several other services were available in Union, and AOL and the World Wide Web were coming into ascendancy anyway.

Computer Express, Inc.,
301 North Ave., P.O. Box 308, Wakefield, MA 01880
Programmer/Analyst, 1993-1995

I was one of two CEI programmers who designed and created the nationally recognized StarTrak inventory tracking system for Denny's restaurants. This system used a heavily SQL-centric FoxPro 2.6 program to accept inventory data from Telxon handheld data capture devices to automatically generate inventory reports and purchase orders for transmission directly to vendors and to the Denny's AIX mainframe accounting systems. Startrak utilized Foxbase, FoxPro, SQL, Microsoft C and eXcellenet components to integrate the various components that comprise the system (Telxon, Alloy, DOS, and AIX). To ensure highest performance and reliability I developed a custom data dictionary and transaction rollback routines for FoxPro 2.6. Due to the slow speed of the hardware platform (virtual 8086 machines under Alloy's multiuser DOS) we relied heavily on FoxPro's Rushmore optimization for maximum performance. I also converted Flagstar corporation's menu maintenance system from FoxPro 1.02 to FoxPro 2.6 and re-engineering key routines using SQL to increase overall efficiency of the program by 1600% while providing an improved mouse-enabled interface. Finally, I interfaced Startrak to Denny's newest touchscreen POS systems running under OS/2 Warp.

ProData Medical Information Systems, Inc.,
P.O. Box 487, Union, SC 29379
Vice President of Sales and Information Systems, 1992-1996

At ProData I specialized in working with other professional xBASE language developers to customize their products for clients with specialized needs. I authored a complete Medical Office Manager system that automated all phases of a physician's practice, including scheduling, billing, insurance filing, and clinical record storage. I also wrote various Hospital Procedural Tracking systems: Radiology, Laboratory, and Surgery. These systems were comprehensive, and provided Daily Ledgers, Daily Log, Monthly and Yearly reports, Procedural Analysis, and graphing of data. I created numerous and extensive customizations for Pacific MedSoft's Practice Manager, including a Clinical Assistant program that used imaging to embed patient X-rays into their on-line clinical histories; a flexible link for electronic filing of insurance claims; and many management reports. I enhanced the SBT Database Accounting Library with an on-line network timeclock that used the to network server's system time to calculate payroll. As a consultant I created complex projects for such clients as Union Camp Corporation, Rutherford Hospital (Rutherford, NC) and Wallace Thompson Hospital (Union, SC).

 While working at ProData I moved the Cracker Barrel BBS from a text-based system to a graphical/text system and began offering Internet e-mail, FTPMail, and Usenet access.

Leigh Information Systems,
103 South Blvd, Union SC 29379
Owner (1989-1991)

While at Marketing Development Association I also began writing custom software, beginning with a Video Store Manager, and continuing with the Tom Mack Car Show Manager and the original versions of the hospital Procedural Tracking software later marketed by ProData.

Marketing Development Association, Inc.,
Duncan By-Pass, Union SC 29379
Vice President of Communications / Information Systems (1989-1991)

When I joined the company, its sole scope was installing and maintaining alarm systems. We expanded to communications equipment and computers due to my technical expertise, which enabled us to provide hardware and technical support not previously offered. I was able to leverage the wiring expertise of our crew of alarm installers to provide superb pre- and post-construction installation of office network infrastructure. Within 18 months of my joining the company, computer sales and service accounted for 72% of gross revenue.

In 1990 I began the Union County Computer Users Group and the Cracker Barrel BBS , the only on-line service in Union County, SC at the time.

United States Air Force,
Washington, DC
Staff Sergeant, 30474 Ground Radio Communications Technician. (1982-1989)
Top-secret security clearance.

I received the Air Force Inspector General's Professional Performance Award in 1989 for work in verifying and extensively rewriting Rockwell technical manuals as well as authoring alignment procedures for stationary and mobile communication sites. I personally assisted with the installation and verification of 3 full Rockwell Scope Signal III communications sites and managed one installation. I automated the RAF Croughton Technical Control Facility with circuit outage tracking software I authored, which consolidated two job positions and saved the Government over 6,240 man-hours yearly per base. At RAF Croughton, I authored several other programs for the Air Force, including dBASE and BASIC programs for personnel and equipment management, presentation management, and scheduling. I wrote software to utilize an inexpensive TI-99/4a as an equipment status control monitor, enabling the government to utilize previously unrecoverable equipment worth $100,000 each. I managed an equipment account in excess of three million dollars. I acted as primary Training NCO and Documentation Manager all while supervising a crew of Ground Radio technicians. I was honor graduate at every technical school I attended, and achieved rank of Staff Sergeant in minimum possible time with a score of 92% on my Professional Fitness Examination (compared to the USAF-wide average passing score of 52%).

Hoover & Associates,
Columbia, SC
Commercial Artist (1980-1982)

While attending college I worked as a commercial artist, hand-painting advertisements and signs. Bill Hoover had the exclusive advertising contracts for all of the SCE&G buses in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, and Augusta South Carolina, and Bill's son William and I provided the ads for those buses. The job entailed conception, layout, and hand-painting and lettering the signs themselves as well as logo design. Sometimes it's surprising to learn what skills translate well into computer work. My experience with the Hoovers taught me effective visual composition skills that have been extremely important over the years when designing effective user interfaces. The marketing knowledge I gained there helps me to understand the concerns of marketing and research executives and has been valuable when designing and implementing CRM systems such as the UG implementation of OverQuota and the Vitex CRM. The need to meet advertising deadlines and the sheer scale of some of our projects were my first introductions to effective project managment.


Additional Experience

I have run a BBS system for many years and was an Internet provider when the 'Net was young. As a beta-tester for Windows and Windows 95 I have gained valuable experience in networking Microsoft's systems, as well as networking with other peer-to-peer systems such as Artisoft's LANtastic. My experience with both the software and the hardware "nuts and bolts" of military communications is invaluable and went a long way toward making innovative systems such as Denny's Startrak possible. I started a Linux User's Group at United Guaranty, and I have a good working knowledge of Linux and alternative office technologies.

In addition, I've held jobs as a salesman and as a graphic artist, and I began my extended education as a Journalism major. Such experience has often come in handy when designing and documenting attractive and functional user interfaces.

Languages and Tools

This is a partial list of languages and tools with which I've had experience.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 1, 2, 3.0,3.1, 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups), 95, 98
  • Windows NT
  • OS/2
  • Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake and Caldera distributions)
  • MDOS
  • Alloy
  • LANtastic
  • OS/400


  • Microsoft Office versions through Office XP. (all components, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access).
  • Microsoft Project 95, 97, 2000
  • ABT Project Workbench
  • StarOffice 4.0 - 6.0 for Windows and Linux
  • OpenOffice for Windows and Linux
  • WordPerfect 6, 7, 8
  • LyX Document Processor
  • ApplixWare for Linux
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Aladdin Ghostscript
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape Communicator

Programming Environments and Languages

  • Lotus Notes 4.6, R5 (LotusScript, Lotus Notes formula language.)
  • FoxBASE, FoxBASE+, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro
  • Borland Kylix 1.0 (Linux equivalent to Delphi 6.0)
  • Borland Delphi
  • Cincom Visualworks (Smalltalk)
  • ASIC
  • BASIC, QuickBASIC, Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQL95
  • Various scripting languages

Development Tools