David F. Leigh

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Project Manager / Technical Lead


Not currently available.


Senior Systems Analyst and Applications Designer with broad experience designing both end-user and back-end systems. Experienced in producing complex projects on-time and under-budget. Extensive experience consulting in retail, financial, insurance, and healthcare markets provides the client with a software designer capable of engineering systems for a wide range of industries.

Design and Management Skills

Recent Work Experience

Cratchit.org, 204 Camelot Dr. Union, SC 29379
Owner, April 1998-Present

Cratchit.org began as an effort to create a mid-level accounting system for Linux to similar to the SBT Database Accounting package. When it became clear to me that other well-supported projects existed that would fill that niche, I canceled that project. I now operate Cratchit.org as a part-time consultancy, providing services including but not limited to project management, product assessment and procurement, small business network design and installation, and programming services in Visual FoxPro and Lotus Notes. In these capacities I've assisted a wide range of clients including legal offices, a school, security company, and industrial manufacturers, as well as other computer service providers.

ViTEX, Inc., 630 Williamson Rd, Mooresville NC 28117
April 2002 - October 2002

I am responsible for designing and creating Vitex's custom CRM package, which is tailored specifically to their unique needs as an IT Banking consultancy. This package is written entirely in Lotus Notes R5 from the ground up, as no commercial package is capable of providing the specific features to meet Vitex's unusual needs. In addition to standard CRM capabilities it will include certain specialized project management and data mining features.
SMCI, Inc., One Nationsbank Plaza, Suite 3710, Charlotte NC 28280
Staff Consultant, 1997-2002

All experience with SMCI was while on contract to United Guaranty (a major mortgage insurer).

PWG, Boca Raton, Florida
Lead Programmer, 1996-1997

Purity Wholesale Grocers required a rapid conversion of their unique distributed marketing/ordering system to a 32-bit Windows platform. In only 3 months I and one other programmer designed and delivered the conversion from MS-DOS to Visual Foxpro 5.0, modernizing the UI and adding faxing, e-mail capability, web browser links, and cross-communication with their central AS/400.
Discovery Zone, Inc., 110 E. Broward Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
POS Project Leader, 1995-1996

Additional Experience and Affiliations

Personal Data

I'm happily married, with one 15-year old son and twin sons 5 years old. I enjoy recreational programming, boardgames, philosophy, recreational science, and recalling the thrill of discovery through my children's eyes. I'm currently involved in an effort to create a free open-source mid-range accounting solution that will run under Linux.

"There are no problems, merely challenges"

Technical Skills

Operating Systems (partial list)

Windows 3.0,3.1, 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups), 95, 98
Windows NT 4, 2000
Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake and Caldera distributions)

Development Languages (partial list)

Language Skill Level Current? Years Experience
FoxBASE, FoxBASE+, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro Expert Yes


dBASE II, III, IV, Clipper Expert No


Lotus Notes 4.6, LotusScript, Formula Language. Expert Yes


Lotus Notes R5 Expert Yes


Visual Basic, QuickBasic Rusty No


SQL95 Expert Yes


Microsoft Access Intermediate No


Borland Kylix 1.0 (Linux equivalent to Delphi 6) Intermediate Yes


Cincom VisualWorks (Smalltalk) Familiar Yes


Unified Modeling Language (UML) Expert Yes


RPG Familiar Yes


Development Tools (partial list)

Tool Skill Level Current? Years Experience
Rational UML modeling tools (Rose, RequisitePro, etc) Intermediate Yes


iLogix Rhapsody UML modeling tool Intermediate Yes


Visio Technical Expert Yes


SmartDraw Expert Yes


EasyCASE Intermediate No


Microsoft SourceSafe (Revision Control) Expert Yes


RCS (Revision Control) Intermediate Yes


MKSRCS (Revision Control) Expert No


Extensive additional experience with various office packages, communications tools and protocols, and other assorted software.

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