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Range Bowling !!!

Now for something REALLY different! Some friends and I invented this game in my home in Union, SC in 1995. It's different, it's fresh, it's definitively Redneck, and it's very, very cool! Range Bowling combines the skill and hand-eye coordination of marksmanship with the excitement and satisfaction of watching bowling pins careen off of each other.

I'm working on some nice graphics and diagrams for the site, but in the meantime this simple page will have to do!

Note: If you happen to have invented this game independently, that doesn't change the fact that I did it as well. Second Chance Bowling Pin Shooting is not the same thing! Bowling Pin Shooting uses real pins, does not follow the rules of bowling, emphasizes the gun, not the game, and just isn't as fun, nor is it as safe. Sorry, guys, complain if you want, but I shoot crayons, you shoot bullets. Do the math.

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