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Greetings, and welcome!

Cratchit Pages

The Cratchit Pages are where I keep information about projects I'm currently working on, links to other sites on Cratchit.org, my downloads and informational pages about managing sponsored project development.

Professional Biography & Resumé

I'm a consulting project manager/leader and database architect with 17 years of programming and management experience.

Personal Biography

Here's an a gateway to more personal information about me than you care to know. My photo album is in here.

Hobbies & Interests

Here's an a gateway to more personal information about me than you care to know, such as my hobbies and interests. My photo album is in here.


I've written articles for osOpinion.com and other publications. You can read some of them here. (You really should access these from the Cratchit Pages so you don't lose navigation. Otherwise, just use your browser's back button.)


A little something to brighten the day.

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Here are some links that I find useful. I put them here so my favorites are available SOMEWHERE, even if I'm not at my own browser. If you find them useful too, that's fine with me.

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