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I began the Cracker Barrel BBS in 1990, where it was hosted part-time on a Tandy 1000TX computer with a single 2400 baud modem and WWIV BBS software. At the time this was the only bulletin board in Union county, South Carolina, and I gathered a small but dedicated group of users, mainly by posting a notice in the window of the local Radio Shack. ( Hey, they were having a hard time selling modems with nothing local to connect to... the nearest on-line system was a long-distance call!)

 I later moved the Cracker Barrel onto a 386/33 and began offering on-line games such as TradeWars. At the height of the BBS I had over 200 users and had converted to Windows-based client-server BBS software, PowerBBS, which was backward compatible with standard ANSI terminal software. In addition to a selection of on-line games and discussion forums, I also offered Internet Mail (which I offered by parsing a single account at WIN.NET), and FTPMail, as well as newsgroup access (Usenet groups were attached as though they were local forums and were updated twice daily via the dialup UUCP connection. BBS Users subscribed to Usenet groups by petitioning the sysop (me)). The year I left Union County in 1995, two other BBS systems were started (one by my brother Robert), and full internet services began to be offered by Carolina On-Line

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