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Discovery Zone Game Reconciliation

DZ's Game Reconciliation is very simple in concept, and is closely tied to the Inventory Control module. Whereas Inventory Control is run manually on a weekly basis to reconcile dispensed tokens to physical inventory, Game Reconciliation is done on a nightly basis to reconcile cash to tokens to game counters.

 DZ's game machines don't accept cash. They accept tokens, which can be bought at the back counter or from a mechanical token dispenser. Prior to Game Reconciliation, the company just assumed that there was negligible loss through gaming. With Game Reconciliation, the manager records the game counter setting for each unit and the number of tokens collected from that unit as well as the number of tickets that that unit has dispensed. He also records the total number of tokens dispensed from each of the token dispensers and from the back counter.

All of this is entered into the Back Office system prior to running the End-of-Day procedure (don't worry, it's not as big a pain as it sounds). Using this system, which maintains an audit trail for each game unit, it's possible to determine cash generated by each machine, the rate of return for each machine (tokens in vs tickets out), and the margin in the form of tokens that were carried outside when the family went home without playing them all.

 Some of this is easily accomplished on paper, I know. Where Game Reconciliation improves on the paper process is that these figures are entered into the day's receipts, and are electronically transmitted to the Home Office. This allows for improved decisions regarding which games do well where; as well as improved security controls, since... let's face it... the one most likely to be the security risk for your company is the one holding the keys.

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