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Discovery Zone Inventory Control

Discovery Zone runs indoor playgrounds... pay for play. In addition to the "Zone" (which is the playground... it's a huge habitrail of tubes and netting like you may have seen outside of some MacDonald's.) they also have arcade games and the like. The way that it originally worked is you would play the games, which would spit out tickets, and you'd redeem the tickets for merchandise at the back counter. There was no accounting for the tickets, nor for the merchandise... an accountant's nightmare!

 Well, it still works that way, except that DZ now inventories the merchandise with the Inventory Control software and with the related Game Reconciliation module. Merchandise in stock can now be recorded in inventory and reconciled against the tickets dispensed by the game machines. Sweet.

 Inventory Control differs from Game Reconciliation in that Game Reconciliation is done every night (reconciling cash to the game and token counters) while Inventory is run periodically (weekly, to reconcile dispensed tokens to physical inventory of merchandise).

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