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SBT Timeclock

One of the best undocumented features of SBT Payroll is the ability to upload time information into the module from an external source in order to cut checks. I wrote an addition to my medical software suite to log and manage employee times. As the employee logged into or out of the software, it stored the time in or time out and provided a weekly list to the office manager by employee.

The office manager could review the computer generated timesheets, which the employees were required to sign. Any discrepancies could be manually edited by the office manager. When satisfied with the accuracy of the time log, then the office manager exported the log to SBT Payroll, which cut the checks. Bonuses, vacation and sick time, etc. could all be handled through the timeclock program.

In all, this system is vastly superior to having the office manager manually enter employees times into the Payroll module, as was required by SBT's interface. Instead, the task of entering detail was handled by the individual employees at the actual time of the transaction, and was simply verified by the office manager prior to cutting checks. This saved the office manager roughly 2 hours of work per week. 

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