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UG Business Rules Engine

The BRE is a custom Business Rules Engine that allows UG to apply business logic to XML documents. The BRE then responds with an XML document listing the business rules that fail. It is not capable of performing actions on the document itself (i.e. changing data) nor is it capable of executing workflow or influencing outside processes, as some commercial offerings are cabale of. It is specifically useful for acting as a document editor for web or EDI submissions, and as a core component of the UG Common Decision Engine.

The BRE differs from the UG Field Validation Engine (FVE) in that the BRE can evaluate rules based on the values of multiple tags, whereas the FVE can only validate a datum in isolation.

The BRE was custom-designed by another contracting firm, and was specifically structured to support one business unit. My primary involvement in this project was two-fold. First, I performed the initial evaluations of this design vs. other commercial offerings, and analyzed the tool's architecture against the United Guaranty business model to ensure it would be technically capable of handling all of our lines of business, existing or planned. Second, I planned and performed load testing and suggested optimizations to improve performance. As a result of testing and modifications our team was able to take a mediocre performer and boost its speed to the point where it compared favorably with mature commercial offerings and readily meets all service level agreements.

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