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UG Field Validation Engine

The Field Validation Engine (FVE) provides UG with a centralized service that ensures that the data in submitted web forms conform to data type and boundary specifications. This is really a very limited version of the Business Rules Engine and is similar in extent to the sorts of validations that are normally done with a DTD or XML schema. The advantage of the FVE is its generality. So long as the XML tags used are standardised within the organization, the FVE doesn't care about the document type, etc. This lets us set up field validations for any of the data elements that we use throughout the organization and validate them centrally with the same service. Use of such an engine ensures that all data validations in the enterprise are done uniformly.

The FVE differs from the Business Rules Engine (FVE) in that the BRE can evaluate rules based on the values of multiple tags, whereas the FVE must validate each datum in isolation.

My involvement in this project was to take the requirements generated by the Infrastructure team, perform analysis of the proposal and set requirements for capabilities and performance, define the interfaces and create a Functional System Design. This design has since been realized in Java and is used by several mortgage origination systems and by UG's Common Decision Engine.

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