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UG Lender Evaluation (LES)

The LES upgrade was the first project that I worked on for United Guaranty (UG). It was also my first experience with managing a project that was entirely based on the AS/400. So, I had the fun experience of learning a new platform and OS as well as a new application, while familiarizing myself with a new company. Even at that, we did rather well... we came in on time and 20% under budget. The team consisted of Ken Culpepper (Project Manager), myself (Technical Lead), and Nagaraj Akkiangady (Programmer). Ken began as the project manager, but moved up in the company, and I took over the management responsibilities.

What it is

The Lender Evaluation System assigns letter grades to the lenders with which we do business. These are similar to the grades you might get in school, A through D, with A being the best. We also assign "I" for incomplete grades.

How it works

LES examines every certificate written over a two-year period as well as lender benchmarks and it assigns statistical scores in several categories (which the business unit calls "variables"). We then assign a numerical rating based where each score falls on an associated lookup table. We then sum up all of the numerical ratings and look up the grade in another table. The grade can then be modified by a Subjective rating that?s entered manually.

What changes did WE make?

Quite a lot for such a small project! Here?s the short list:

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