Out of Sight, Out of Murder

I wasn't in Out of Sight, Out of Murder. As with Harvey, I had a bunch of personal issues to deal with, and couldn't spare the time.  I don't even know much about this one, except what was passed on to me, as I didn't see it, for which I'm truly sorry. It was presented for the 3rd Air Force Tournament of Plays, where Tim Hill received a nomination for "Best Supporting Actor" for his brilliant dual role as the butler and one of the butler's murder victims (figure that one out!) It was also presented as a dinner theatre at the RAF Croughton NCO Club.

This was produced in 1987 and was produced by Chris Peterlin. I'm including it here since the "official" HBAS site on Geocities seems to be degrading a bit, and some of the photos are disappearing.  I believe I'm missing a page of the program below. I've left a space where I think it goes.


the missing page!

Cast Photos
One of these days some kind member of the HBAS will come along and caption these for us. You wait and see.

Photo Mosaics