What Goes Around

wga_Boogaloo Award.jpg
Director Ralph Lawson accepts
a proclamation from the South
Carolina state legislature naming
Boogaloo's production as South
Carolina's official folk play.

In 2002 we produced Turn the Washpot Down with the assistance of CPI, Inc. In 2003, the Boogaloo Broadcasting Company produced What Goes Around without professional assistance.

The script is written by Betsy Vanderford, and the production is being directed by Ralph Lawson, the drama teacher at Union High School. Musical direction is by Buddy Wilkes and choreography by Mia Lawson-Silvers.

Among the stories in What Goes Around:
wga_Frank Gets Accosted.jpg
Theatre owner Frank James (played by
Your's Truly) is accosted by an
angry parent (Regina England) after yet
another disastrous entertainment booking.

I portray Frank James, the owner-operator of the Duncan Theatre, who's plagued by a string of problems with his live stage acts in the 1950s and 1960s. This is a particularly interesting role for me, as I'm pleased to have played opposite my son William as he portrayed a young Elvis Presley, who once visited Union prior to his success, only to be turned away ("Son, nobody knows who you are. I don't know if you could draw a crowd.") My young twins have endearing roles in the opening scene of the play; and my brother Everett plays "Red", who learns the difference between a can of Georgia hash and a shot in the face the hard way.

This was a nice production in that the it was the first after CPI got us jump-started. This meant a couple of things to us. First, whereas Jules' Washpot script was a series of vignettes with the barest whisp of a story to hold it together, Betsy's script was far more story-oriented. And Washpot had this very artsy concept that some of us were playing the ghosts or psyches or consciences of other actors. I'm sure that sort of thing is all the rage in art school, but to me it smelled like the sort of thing you'd learn in Pretention 101. In practical terms, it throws your audience off, because they spend a lot of the time they should have spent empathizing with your character just trying to figure out who the character is! Honestly, nobody wants to work hard enough to figure out that Young Bob and Old Bob and The Voice in Bob's Head are all aspects of Bob. What Goes Around is a lot more audience-friendly, without losing its edge. To be honest, What Goes Around is a lot edgier. Why? Because instead of just sitting around and talking about issues, the characters live them. They get in each other's faces.  And for that Betsy gets top marks from me for producing a superior script.

This production also marks the first appearance of Peach and Roy. In What Goes Around, Peach sends Roy outside to look for a "peeping Tom". The police arrive, and Roy gets arrested. Peach and Roy have now become staples in Boogaloo shows. I like recurring characters. They provide a quick way of preparing your audience for the scene ahead. Our audiences now know that when Kristy ("Peach") and Buddy ("Roy") are on the stage, something funny is going to happen.

We also dropped the dual cast. I'm of two minds about that. On the one hand, the dual cast can be unweildy, and the performances aren't as consistent. And a dual cast presents problems of fairness when it comes to videotaping shows. On the other, I kind of like the idea that more people can be involved while keeping the character count low enough to provide meaningful roles. And without the backup cast we have on occasion come terribly close to curtain call with an absent cast member. Of course, that's true of every production ever mounted by anyone. 



Summerlea Music & Lyrics by Dave Leigh
Tinuviel Music by Dave Leigh
For Lisa Music by Dave Leigh
Always Sunshine ("Here in Union") Music & Lyrics by Dave Leigh

The Show

If You Listen Music & Lyrics by Ralph Lawson
Piano Arrangement by Dell Morgan, Buddy Wilkes, Janet Lawson
Elvis Won't You Come to Town Music & Lyrics by Ralph & Janet Lawson
Piano Arrangement by Dell Morgan, Buddy Wilkes, Janet Lawson
Get Your Juice Today Music & Lyrics by Ralph Lawson & Betsy Vandeford
Piano Arrangement by Dell Morgan & Buddy Wilkes
Long Ago Music & Lyrics by Ralph Lawson
Guitar Arrangement by Dave Leigh
See the People Music & Lyrics by Ralph Lawson
Piano Arrangement by Dell Morgan & Buddy Wilkes
Spiritual Showdown Music & Lyrics by Betsy Vanderford
Piano Arrangement by Dell Morgan
wga_Frank Plays Guitar.jpg
I play guitar in a tribute to mill-town
softball written and wonderfully
choreographed by Ralph Lawson.


Be Thou my vision Codie Little
If You Listen Torez Edwards
Spiritual Showdown Torez Edwards
Codie Little
Elvis, Won't You Come to Town Regina England
Tony Gregory
Modest Keenan
Everett Leigh
Long Ago Dave Leigh
See the People Torez Edwards


Executive ("Core") Team: Harriet Berry
Susan Ward
Robbie Littlejohn
Nanette Jenkins
Pam McMillian
Mickey Gist
Director: Ralph Lawson
Playwright: Betsy Vanderford
Choreographer: Mia Lawson-Silvers
Stage Manager: Phillip Mullinax
Lighting Control: Billy Liner
Sound Control Kelsey White
Spotlight Control: Josh Winters
Will Leigh
Poster/Program Cover Billy Liner
Props/Costumes Cast
Advertising/Publicity/Boogaloo Office: Nancy Braxton Browning

arranged alphabetically by last name
(if I have any of these wrong just let me know so I can correct it)

Lauren Armstrong Screaming Child
Reid Bailey "Rosie" Girl
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Taylor Baker Movie Girl
Nancy Browning Lucille
George Bruce James
Field Cantey Sam
Jud Craft Young Sam
Jeremy Crosby Bill Davis
Erin Connolly Movie Child
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Lindsey Connolly "Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Torez Edwards Reverend Stewart
Christen England Movie Child
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Regina England Movie Lady 1
Sarah Garnette Ensemble
Jacob Gault "Booger"
Jon Nick Gault Delmore
Boy Wanting Mail 1
Channing Gist Young Modest
Jannie Gist Cora
Ashley Graham-Woodson Carolyn
Farmer's Wife
Patrick Greer Child Sam
Boy Wanting Mail 2
Ellen Gregory Child Febby
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Matt Gregory Mark
Tony Gregory Mr. Greer
Police Officer
Emily Griffith Ruby
Nanette Sloan Jenkins Evie
Modest Keenan Modest Keenan, Sr.
Jessica Knox Bloomer Girl
Kim Knox Mrs. Edwards
Movie Lady 3
Tyler Knox Jack
"Booger" Boy
Bess Lawson Betty
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Carolyn Lawson Juanita
Post Office Lady
Chester Lawson Earl
Janet Lawson Dee Dee
Dave Leigh Frank James
Everett Leigh Red
Michael Leigh "Booger" Boy
Timothy Leigh "Booger" Boy
Will Leigh Elvis Presley
Rob Lindler Farmer
News Reporter
JoAnne Lipscomb Ensemble
Codie Little Marguerite
Eleanore Lynn Ice Tea Lady on Porch
Barbara McClurkin Cora
Kendall McClurkin Young Smooth
Myia McClurkin Ensemble
Lacretia McClurkin-Peake Ensemble
Jennifer McGee Annette
Mallory McGee "Ring" Girl
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Pam McMillian Sadie
Benjamin Mitchell Mr. Dawkins
Chase Moorman "Smooth" (Marion)
Phillip Mullinax Buddy
Cassie Owen Girl with Spider
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Bailey Queen Young Febby
Raven Robinson "Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Kayla Rochester Grace
Bobby L. Rogers, Jr. Modest Keenan
Beverly Smith Movie Lady 1
Taylor Smith Dell
Kristi Sommer Peach
Jim Stepp T.J.
Kathy Stepp Mae
Whitney Vaughan Woman at Well
Ann White Movie Woman 2
Caitlin White Beauty Shop Girl
Buddy Wilkes Roy
Man on Porch
Josh Winters Michael
Casey Woodard Shirley
"Flamin' Mamie" Girl
Chris Woodson Lash LaRue
Tex Ritter
Singing Elvis