Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Be Here With You

ToBeHereWithYou.ogg ToBeHereWithYou.mp3
This is one of a number of songs that are intended to be grouped as an album and used in a sort of musical story. Others in the group include The Journey and Tinuviel. This is one of those that just wrote itself very quickly. The feel of it should be vaguely Scottish. The file you'll find here is a quick and dirty live performance with just the piano. However, I think it would sound great with pipes and drums in the instrumentals.

To Be Here With You

wmh (Jan 21, 2002)

I could wait a thousand days
And just as many nights
Joust a million fools
To Be Here With You

I'd spin in my skin
For my armour's way too thin
But I'd do it all again
To Be Here With You


There is no castle wall
That could be too very tall
To climb or to break through
To Be Here With You

I'd lay down my sword
As my honor is my word
If it's the last thing I ever do
I wanna be here with you.



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