Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brain Farts

I will be moving away from publishing my music on this site effective immediately. Since Blogger is no longer going to be allowing FTP access to my server, and will exclusively require me to use theirs, I might as well step up my service while migrating.

To that end I'm moving everything to! William and I have found it a little unwieldy to type "Dave Leigh & William Hoover" every time we want to identify our music, so collectively we're going to publish under the nom de plume "Dr. Lindyke". Our full URL is

Right now, both of our Song Fu submissions are available there, as well as a brand new song for St. Patrick's Day, Brain Farts.

As with this site, Bandcamp supports an RSS feed, so be sure to add that to your newsreader. In addition to allowing you to pick your format, Bandcamp supports album art (it supports albums!) and allows you to preview the song in an embedded player without having to download the whole thing first. I think you'll like it... A LOT.


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