Dave Leigh & William Hoover

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Creative Commons License The music on this website is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License Share it as you like with proper credit to the composers, Dave Leigh and William Hoover. However, if you want to perform or distribute it for money, contact Dave to arrange for proper permission.

Dave here. William Hoover and I have been writing songs since the 1970s, but up until now we've pretty much kept it to ourselves. After 30 years of that, we thought we might try sharing it here with whoever's interested.

I'll start by saying that I'm not a performer, and don't really intend to be.  I'm a composer.  What' I'm posting here is to give you an idea of how the song goes. I'll post some lyrics where appropriate and maybe even a bit of sheet music. And just to keep things interesting I'll put a little background for each of these songs... maybe a story or two. Hopefully someone with more talent than I will pick it up the music and play it and share it (with proper credit, of course). If you're that talented individual I'd love to hear your interpretations, and post them here with on the composer's site. We have hundreds of songs backlogged. As I get 'round to it I'll update this index.  Enjoy.

Oh. One other thing. Due to patent issues, the preferred format for music on this site is Ogg Vorbis. I may post some MP3s here in the short term, but I don't promise to continue. Please visit the Ogg Vorbis website to update your music player with the codecs for this excellent open music format.

The Songs

Title (link to comments &  lyrics)                  OGG                MP3                Video         MIDI          Sheet Music
1. Before it Began ogg mp3 YouTube Video
2. Big Bad World One (JoCo) YouTube Video
3. Billy Jean (parody) ogg mp3
4. Broken Laura ogg mp3
5. Click ogg mp3
6. Come Along With Me ogg mp3 ComeAlongWithMe.mid pdf
7. Doves ogg mp3
8. Edisto ogg mp3
9. For Lisa ogg mp3 YouTube Video ComeAlongWithMe.mid pdf
10. Hangin' at the Kelly One-Stop ogg mp3
11. Here in Union ogg mp3
12. In My Memory ogg mp3
13. Ish Kabibble ogg mp3 YouTube Video
14. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas mp3 YouTube Video
15. Killin' Time ogg mp3 YouTube Video
16. Lawrenceville Station Blues ogg mp3
17. Like Norman YouTube Video
18. Love Shines ogg mp3 Guitar tabs
19. Marry Me ogg mp3
20. Mary, I Want Her ogg mp3
21. Merry-Go-Round ogg mp3
22. Numbers on a Clock ogg mp3
23. One for the Road ogg mp3
24. Orphans on the Run ogg mp3
25. Oscar ogg mp3 YouTube Video
26. Ovin, You, Gene & Me ogg mp3
27. Palmetto Skyline ogg mp3
28. Postcards From Picasso ogg mp3 YouTube Video
29. Rainbows ogg mp3
30 Robot Monkey ogg mp3
31. The Future Soon (JoCo) YouTube Video
32 The Journey ogg mp3
33. The Mission YouTube Video
34. The Sad Song ogg mp3
35. The Two Wills ogg mp3
36. Summerlea ogg mp3
37. Tinuviel tinuviel.mid pdf
38. To Be Here With You ogg mp3 TBHWY.mid
39. Waves and Ways ogg mp3 YouTube Video

The informational content of this website is copyright 2007 by David F. Leigh unless otherwise stated. Permission to distribute is granted under the terms of the Creative Commons License